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Hello, I’m George Heery and I’d like to welcome you to The Bridging Method Blog; an online resource for the Bridging method of construction project delivery. The intent of this site is to foster discussion among owners and industry professionals about the Bridging method and the details that make Bridging work well for project owners.

Bridging was originally developed for project owners who cannot or should not rely upon relationships in the procurement of construction. This includes virtually all public sector owners and many private sector owners. However, since the development of Bridging a number of owners who might well be able to rely upon relationships in the procurement of construction, but are of a “belt and suspenders” mentality, are also using Bridging today.

Bridging is the only project delivery method that obtains for the owner a truly dependable construction contract price at only about half the design cost and at about half way through the design phases of a project. Bridging also:

  • reduces the overall cost of the project for a fully equivalent end product.
  • greatly reduces the Owner’s exposure to unwarranted change orders and claims against the Owner.
  • nearly eliminates post occupancy disputes with their costs and delays to the Owner in fixing the ever present “bug” caused by error in either design or construction.

Yet, properly used, Bridging accomplishes all of this with no loss of opportunity for creativity, loss of control of the design, loss of control of design details, or loss in the quality of engineering or construction.

In future posts on Bridging I will address various aspects of the implementation of Bridging from the point of view of the Owner, the Owner’s Design Consultant (sometimes referred to as the “Bridging Architect” or “Design Architect”), the Contractor, the Contractor’s AE and various other participants in the process. We will also discuss the strengths and potential weaknesses of Bridging and I’ll provide anecdotal observations of the correct implementation of Bridging. I will look forward to fielding questions from our reader’s email submissions and will discuss how Bridging compares with other project delivery methods.

I hope you’ll bookmark our site and share our discussion with your colleagues.

For more information on Bridging, please visit www.bridgingmethod.com.

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  1. Steven Johnson says:

    Mr. Heery,

    I am the student beginning work for Brasfield and Gorrie that you met at the graduation dinner for the Construction Management program at Georgia Southern University.

    I did not have much time to talk to you about your career and achievements, but what you spoke on truely inspired me. Program management is not something that is taught in school, but it is something that I buy into and see myself implementing in my future career.

    I know that you are a busy man, but I would love to meet with you once I am settled in the Atlanta area. If you are unable to, I understand. I look forward to future blog posts and “tweets” from you.

    Again, thank you for your inspiring words at the graduation dinner, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    S. Johnson

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