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My View On The Owner’s Posture For Purchasing Construction

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Can you rely upon relationships?

In using Bridging or any other project delivery method I have always contended that program managers and architects should focus first on the Owner’s posture for purchasing construction.  In my view, virtually all construction Owners fall into one of two different categories:

  • Owners who may prudently rely upon relationships in the procurement of construction.
  • Owners who may not or should not rely upon relationships for the procurement of construction.

The smart way of going about the procurement of construction for these two different types of Owners is as different from one another as day is from night.

Owners who may be able to rely upon relationships in the procurement of construction would be owners such as major real estate developers (in normal economic times) who are constantly in the market for (more…)

Notes Regarding My New Book on Bridging

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Bridging Book 2010

Back in 1974, I wrote my first book “Time, Cost & Architecture” (McGraw-Hill 1975) in which I described a way to achieve more effective time/cost control through better design and construction management methods.

Several days ago my colleague Ennis Parker sent out a message informing people about the publication of my second book “Bridging: A Construction Project Delivery Method” (available from, which some have stated to be the logical “evolution” of the concepts I set forth in my first book.

In the days following Ennis’ announcement we have received a considerable amount of interest in both the new book and this blog, and one of the more amusing responses was “What took George so long?” – a great question!

In retrospect, I realize that I’ve been writing this book for nearly twenty years; a great deal of the text inside the new book (more…)